Backbone of the World

Location Origin Story

Melting snow across the eastern front of the Montana Rocky Mountains exposes the rugged mountains and peaks of these majestic mountains. The view, lensed while flying above the South Fork of the Milk River on the First Nations Blackfeet Reservation, dramatically illustrates why these mountains were called the “Backbone of the World” by the Blackfeet over the past few centuries.

From Medicine Owl Peak on the far left side of this image to the sacred Chief Mountain (called Nínaiistáko by the Blackfeet) jutting upwards on the far right, there are many iconic locations in this photograph. The arrival of the occupants of this area dates as early as 500 A.D. and most likely even centuries before that time. This area was located near a thoroughfare that was used by numerous nations as they relocated looking for a place to call home. The mountains held a sacred place for them, and surely each nation had its own names for the peaks and places in present-day Glacier National Park.

About This Photograph

This stunning scene was filmed by Zedekiah from his bush plane on May morning. Flying up the front range of the Rocky Mountains to the area between The Milk River and Cut Bank Creek, he filmed this scene as a series of images taken every other second as he flew the bush plane while slowly turning in a wide arc. Using high-resolution photographic merging he blended this long panoramic scene of the combined set of images.

Image Rarity

The image was taken from a moving aircraft, as Zedekiah piloted the aircraft while simultaneously operating the camera. It was taken in unusual atmospheric conditions with a combination of low-hanging cumulus clouds and early spring sunlight, melting the snow and providing a wonderful tapestry across the mountains, peaks, and valleys. Lastly, it is impossible to simply walk up a trail and take the same photograph again. This image was very difficult to create, and is truly one-of-a-kind, therefore making it extremely rare.

Reserved-Limited Edition

Due to the rarity of the image, it is being offered either as part of a numbered and signed, reserved-limited edition of ten (10) prints.

Artist Proofs

There are two (2) artist proofs available.

Sole Collector Print

This image is available as one (1) sole collectors print… or as a One-of-One print. Meaning this would be the only copy ever sold. This offer is available until the first of the reserved-limited edition has sold. Then the reserved-limited edition plus artist proof edition offers are both rescinded.

Available Image Sizes

This image can be printed in the following sizes: 12″ x 43″  | 15″ x 54″  | 20″ by 72″

Suggested Media Substrate

This image is best suited for Satin Metal with a lustrous flat, non-reflective finish and is available for additional custom texturization to produce enhanced micro shadowing across the surface of the print.

Collection Pricing

Pricing is based on the rarity and scarcity of print and not size nor substrate. Collectors may choose any size or substrate desired.
Reserved-limited edition prints start at $25,000 each, with the price increasing as the editions diminish.
Artist proofs are $35,000 each
Sole Collector ~ one-of-one print is $100,000.

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