Recent Art Installations

1)  ~ Glacier Jet Center Lobby ~
Located at Glacier Park International Airport, Kalispell,  Montana

This art installation is located in the lobby of Glacier Jet Center at the Glacier Park International Airport, in the Flathead Valley near the towns of Kalispell, and Whitefish, Montana. Above, over the fireplace mantle is the image “Garden Wall From The Banks of McDonald Creek“. The Garden Wall is an iconic location on the western side,  within Glacier National Park and McDonald Creek feeds down the valley into Lake McDonald. This image is 4′ by 5.5′ and is Volumetrically Texturized.

Below, across the room from the fireplace, this is a Volumetric Texturized Print of the image called “Backbone of the World” and features the front range area of Glacier National Park from within the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains beginning with Going to the Sun Mountain on the far left and Ninaistako (Chief) Mountian of the far right side. This print is 3′ by 8′.

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2)  ~ Sykes Diner ~
Located in Kalispell,  Montana

This art installation is located in the dining room of Sykes Diner in the town of Kalispell, Montana. it is a Triptych (3-panels) and is a Volumetrically Texturized image titled “Lake McDonald in Spring from Apgar Village”.

On the opposite wall is this 4′ by 6′ installation of a Volumetrically Texturized image titled “Battlement Mountain”