Wilderness Photographer

As an aerial photographer and filmmaker with a lifetime of experience flying bush planes into the wilderness, Zedekiah has developed his own unique expression as an artist by fusing these two immersive disciplines.

Utilizing an innovative method of filming free-hand through the open cockpit window with a high resolution still camera, Zedekiah also incorporates numerous motion-cameras affixed to the exterior of his bush plane to fully capture the immersive experience. Flying low and slow through all sorts of weather conditions and over rugged terrain across the North American backcountry wilderness, Zedekiah often encounters somewhat risky situations while fulfilling this exciting and adventurous artistic vision.

His goal is to capture stunning visions of wilderness from a unique perspective rarely experienced. From his cabin and grass airstrip located at the base of the Rocky Mountains of northwestern Montana, he flies out into the backcountry, exploring deeply remote, off-the-beaten-path geographic locations from this lofty rarified space… up there Where Eagles Fly!

“Where Eagles Fly ~ the American Wilderness Expedition” is a personal production Zedekiah is passionately dedicated to, with the hopes of raising a planetary awareness for our endangered wilderness, wildlife, and wildlands. His life mission is to instill wonder and awe while inspiring love and respect for these lands, through experiencing them in a radically different manner.  Go here to join the adventure.

Zedekiah Gallery now offers a collection of breathtaking aerial and terrestrial wilderness photographic still images from this adventurous expedition as limited edition and open edition fine art print reproductions. These unique one-of-a-kind works of art are painstakingly produced by hand, individually, and with extreme care by master printers. Each print is produced with great attention to the most minute detail being given to ensure a lasting work of fine art that will endure through time.

Each photograph has a compelling story, whether geologic in nature, tales from ancient human history, or intriguing facts about wildlife. geography and geology, these vistas offer an extraordinary window into our iconic wilderness places viewed from an exciting, wondrous, and awe-inspiring perspective.






In the image above, use the arrows to view the slideshow of Zedekiah at work in the wilderness.

The following is a short film about Zedekiah and his explorations.