Print Information

Fine-Art print reproductions are available in a variety of media substrates, and there are numerous factors to weigh when considering which type of print media works best for the particular environment you are seeking to decorate. For guidance in selecting the optimum print media for your space, please consider speaking to our knowledgeable art consultants to determine which media works best for your intended placement.
Zedekiah creates images that are unique views of the world, and very difficult to replicate. With the majority of his images, it is not possible to simply climb a trail and shoot the same scene, as these images are taken while he is piloting a bush plane in the remote wilderness. Due to the unusual nature of his photographic explorations, these images are made available with certain conditions:
  • Each image is a limited edition series of 100 prints.
  • Each time an image is printed, whatever size or media, is counted as part of the limited edition.
  • Series numbers are available on a first-come basis with numbers 11-99 available.
  • Series numbers are sold in a descending order beginning at 99.
  • Numbers 1-10 and number 100 are reserved as premium prints and prices are priced accordingly.
  • Specific series number requests (if not yet taken) are considered premium prints and are priced accordingly.
  • Each image series contains 3 artist/gallery proofs that are collectors prints and are priced accordingly.
  • Specific images are available as a one-off, one-time print, never to be replicated, and are priced accordingly.
  • To accommodate your space requirements, images are available in a full range of sizes from small to large format (8′ x 10′).
  • Framing and mounting are available and images can be shipped ready to display.
  • Custom framing and mounting design services are available for large format prints.
  • Un-mounted images are shipped ready to be mounted or framed by your own professional framing service.
  • Highly customized framing, specifically designed to match your room decor, is available on request.
  • Multi-Paneled media print designs are available for custom interior design considerations.
  • Large-scale architectural installation works are available for highly original display environments.
  • Volumetric media prints are exclusive premium works and are priced accordingly.
  • Prints are personally hand-signed by Zedekiah, not with auto-signature.
  • CNC router or hot-branded custom signatures are available for metal and wood print media.
  • Prints come assigned with a  numbered certificate of authenticity, also hand-signed by Zedekiah.
  • Large-format prints come with a custom booklet containing information on the image provenance.
  • All prints are shipped with protective packaging and guaranteed to arrive safely in perfect condition.
  • White glove installation services are available for large format prints.