The Garden Wall

Location Origin Story

The Garden Wall is an almost 15-mile long steep, precipitous alpine mountainside located within Glacier National Park. It is the long thin arête or rock backbone (spine) that partitions the Many Glacier region of the park from the western side with McDonald Creek which empties far downstream into the valley and Lake McDonald.

An iconic and globally beloved part of the park, it is covered in a multitude of different species of flowering plants and shrubs in bloom during the late spring and summer months. In this image, part of the Garden Wall is visible above the end of the valley in the distance. This view above is alongside McDonald Creek at the base of the Glacier Wall formation on the left.

About This Photograph

This beautiful spring scene was photographed in the mid-afternoon during the month of September while Zedekiah was hiking and exploring the area around McDonald Creek below The Glacier Wall.

Image Rarity

The image is taken on the ground in a place others can hike to, meaning it is not that difficult for others to take a similar photograph.

The rarity of this image comes from the volumetric texturization for micro shadowing, therefore it is rare due to its printing process.

Limited Edition

This image is offered as a numbered and signed, limited edition of one hundred (100) prints.

Artist Proofs

There are two (2) artist proofs available.

Suggested Media Substrate

This image is best suited for Satin Metal with a lustrous flat, non-reflective finish and is available for additional custom texturization to produce enhanced micro shadowing across the surface of the print.

Collection Pricing

Pricing is based on the rarity and scarcity of print and not size nor substrate.
Limited edition prints start at $3 per square inch, with the price increasing as the editions diminish.
Artist proofs are $10 per square inch each

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