Black & White

Virgin River Basin
Truchas Mountain
Pacific Sun Sprit Vertical
Lake McDonald Sunset
Point Conception
Old Mans Cabin and Birdhouse
Coyote Shapeshifter
Big Sur Two
Honey Comb Cove on Lake Guntersville
Big Sur Monument of Light
Mount Kinesava – Zion

Stressed Vintage Black & White

Sant Mary Lake – Glacier National Park
Stormfront Over Hogjowl
The Garden Wall
Smoky Mountains Mist
Smoky Mountains Mist 2
Sierra Nevadas One
Pioneer Cabin 2
Pioneer Cabin `
Old Mans Cabin and Birdhouse `
Mount Hood and the Three Sisters
Coyote The Shapeshifter
Grant Teton Mountains
Idaho Clouds
Big Sur Monument of Light
Big Sur Two
Big Sur TwoBig Sur Trees
Montana Prairie Clouds
Montana Prairie Clouds Two
Grand Canyon North Rim One
Golden Hills
North Fork Numa Ridge
Gunsight Mountain
Lake McDonald One
Lake McDonald Two
Lake McDonald and Apgar Mountain
Forrest Path
Flathead Range ~ Great Bear Wilderness
Swan Range ~ Great Bear Wilderness
Great Bear Wilderness
Grand Canyon North Rim Two
Death Valley Blazing Sun
Death Valley
Colorado River Marble Canyon
Castle Peaks ~ New York Mountains in Nevada
Pioneer Cabin in Winter
The Bishops Cap on the Garden Wall
Ancient Volcano
Cabin on Cloudland Georgia
Old Tree on Lookout Mountain
Chicken Farm On Cloudland Mountain
Windmill on Cloudland Mountain
Windmill On Cloudland Mountain Two
Stormfront on Cloudland Mountain
Stormfront on Cloudland Mountain Two
Wesley’s Cabin in Paint Rock Valley