Tséyíkʼáán ~ Comb Ridge ~ Vertical


Comb Ridge is a jagged linear north to south-trending monocline that curves out across the center of the Colorado Plateau from Kayenta in northern Arizona to the foothills of the Abajo Mountains in southern Utah. In First Nations Dine (Navajo) language this ridge is called ” Tséyíkʼáán” which translates to “Rock Extends in the Form of a Narrow Edge.”
These sheltered ravines provided ideal dwelling places for the ancient Anasazi, who built settlements in alcoves and on benches and decorated the canyon walls with pictographs and petroglyphs. Ancient Ancestral Puebloans once found refuge in the Comb’s alcoves. Their existence may be found today as ruins and rock art on the canvas of shallow cave walls. For the full story on this image visit the corresponding page on Where Eagles Fly






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