Marble Canyon I


Powerfully, slowly and resolutely… the Colorado River carves its way over time through the hard rock. Lower it falls in altitude while deeper and higher the sheer cliff faces of the canyons grow with each passing mile. Marble Canyon is in the foreground, the first small canyon branch off to the right is Sevenmile Draw, the next set of double branch canyons spanning across both sides of the river is Badger Canyon and in the distance, the Grand Canyon.
It is called different names by the various First Nations Tribes that have lived around and in the canyon since ancient times. The Hopi call it “Ongtupqa”, The Yavapai know it as “Wi:kaʼi:la”, and the Navajo (Diné) named it “Tsékooh Hatsoh” but it was the Spanish settlers that named it “Gran Cañón” and we still call it Grand Canyon today. This is the birthplace of the Grand Canyon. For the full story on this image visit the corresponding page on Where Eagles Fly




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