Ninaiistako Thunderbird


Ninaiistako Thunderbird II

Location Origin Story

During the filming of Chief Mountain, known and revered as Ninaiistako by the First Nations Blackfoot, a remarkable atmospheric phenomenon occurred. Bright morning sunlight streaming through low hanging cumulus clouds cast shadows on the precipitous cliff face of this revered rocky outcropping on the edge of Glacier National Park.

Lasting fleeting moments in time, these heavenly shadows created silhouettes that bore striking resemblance to ancient First Nations Thunderbird icons and symbols.

In traditional Blackfoot culture, Ninaiistako is the home of Thunderbird, creator of Thunder…

About This Photograph

These mystically intriguing scenes were photographed in the early morning during the month of June while Zedekiah was flying and exploring the border between the First Nations Blackfoot lands and Glacier National Park.

Image Rarity

The image was taken from a moving aircraft, as Zedekiah piloted the aircraft while simultaneously operating the camera.

Zedekiah used the morning light rays as a compositional element to frame the imagery and in particular with these images, to create the composition by use of the cloud shadow pattern across the cliff face.

Timing and being in the place-in-space for this scene to reveal itself was crucial to this image composition.

Lastly, it is impossible to simply walk up a trail and take the same photograph again. This image was very difficult to create, and is truly one-of-a-kind, therefore making it extremely rare.

Reserved-Limited Edition

Due to the rarity of the image, it is being offered either as part of a numbered and signed, reserved-limited edition of ten (10) prints.

Artist Proofs

There are three (3) artist proofs available; 1 Satin Metal / 1 Volumetric / 1 Acrylic

Sole Collector Print

This image is available as one (1) sole collectors print… or as a One-of-One print. Meaning this would be the only copy ever sold. This offer is available until the first of the reserved-limited edition has sold. Then the reserved-limited edition plus artist proof edition offers are both rescinded.

Suggested Media Substrate

This image is best suited for Satin Metal with a lustrous flat, non-reflective finish and is available for additional custom texturization to produce enhanced micro shadowing across the surface of the print.

Collection Pricing

Pricing is based on the rarity and scarcity of print and not size nor substrate. Collectors may choose any size or substrate desired.
Reserved-limited edition Satin Metal and Acrylic prints start at $6 per square inch, with the price increasing as the editions diminish.
Reserved-limited edition Volumetric Prints start at $7.50 per square inch, with the price increasing as the editions diminish.
Artist proofs start at $10 per square inch for each print substrate type.
Sole Collector ~ one-of-one print is $100,000.