Pacific Sun Sprite

Location Origin Story

A quintessential California Coastal Pacific Ocean Sunset, this image is from the same set of photographs taken one spectacular sunset that produced the image “Point Sur Monument of Light”. An interesting aspect of this photograph is that the sun is actually not in this image at all.

The sun had already set 15 minutes before and was now over the horizon, but an interesting alpenglow effect occurs as the sunlight reflecting on the clouds, is then reflected down onto the ocean below. This creates what Zedekiah calls a “Sun Sprite”.

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About This Photograph

This glorious colorful scene was photographed at sunset during the month of May while Zedekiah was hiking along the coast in Big Sur, California.

Image Rarity

The image is taken on the ground in a place others can hike to, meaning it is not that difficult for others to take a similar photograph.

Timing in waiting for the clouds to move into position at exactly the right moment played a critical role in composing this image.

The rarity of this image comes from the composition of the clouds and the alpenglow effect of the sunsprite.

Limited Edition

This image is offered as a numbered and signed, limited edition of one hundred (100) prints.

Artist Proofs

There are two (2) artist proofs available.

Suggested Media Substrate

Multiple substrates are available for this image, please go here to review different print types.

Collection Pricing

Pricing is based on the rarity and scarcity of print and not size nor substrate.

Limited edition prints start at $3 per square inch, with the price increasing as the editions diminish.

Artist proofs are $10 per square inch each.


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