Pelican Ridge and Chubb Flat

Location Origin Story

Pelican Ridge is part of a small string of mountains directly east of the Blackfoot Reservoir, home to a very large population of pelicans, cormorants, and gulls, hence the name Pelican Ridge. To its immediate south lays a marshland called Goose Lake and a short distance to the east across Meadows Creek and Chubb Flat is Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge, home to the largest hardstem bulrush marsh in North America. 

This beautiful marshland refuge hosts a large nesting population of greater sandhill cranes.

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About This Photograph

This serene mountainous scene was photographed in the early afternoon during the month of October while Zedekiah was flying and exploring the Caribou National Forest near the Blackfoot River and Reservoir.

Image Rarity

The image was taken from a moving aircraft, as Zedekiah piloted the aircraft while simultaneously operating the camera.

Zedekiah used the nimbocumulus clouds as a dramatic backdrop to accent the shadowing across the valley.

Timing the clouds and the angle of the scene to catch the light reflecting on Meadow Creek in the valley was crucial to this image composition.

Lastly, it is impossible to simply walk up a trail and take the same photograph again. This image was very difficult to create, and is truly one-of-a-kind, therefore making it extremely rare.

Limited Edition

This image is offered as a numbered and signed, limited edition of one hundred (100) prints.

Artist Proofs

There are two (2) artist proofs available. one (1) as a volumetric print and one (1) as a satin metal print.

Suggested Media Substrate

This image is best suited for Satin Metal with a lustrous flat, non-reflective finish and is available for additional custom texturization to produce enhanced micro shadowing across the surface of the print.

Multiple substrates are available for this image, please go here to review different print types.

Collection Pricing

Pricing is based on the rarity and scarcity of print and not size nor substrate.

Limited edition prints start at $3 per square inch, with the price increasing as the editions diminish.

Artist proofs are $10 per square inch each.



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