Point Conception


Dusk colors Point Conception and the Santa Ynez Mountains with the entire Santa Barbara coastline from Summerland through Montecito, Santa Barbara, and Goleta, under clouds which are hugging the mountains.¬† On the right side of the Santa Ynez Mountains, lays the small ranching communities of Santa Ynez, Lompoc, Los Olivos, Ballard, and Buellton. The First Nations Chumash Tribes called this point “Humqaq” which means “The Raven Comes”.
In their ancient traditions, this was a very sacred place… it was the “Western Gate“, through which the souls of their dead would pass between the mortal world and there begin their celestial journey to heavenly paradise known as “Similaqsa“. For the full story on this image visit the corresponding page on Where Eagles Fly




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