Sunlight on Napi Point

Location Origin Story

Flying along the border between the First Nations Blackfeet Reservation and Glacier National Park, sunbeams cross our bow and brighten the cliff face of Napi Point, on the edge of East Flattop Mountain. In the shadows below to the right, Lake Sherburne flows with snowmelt from mountains high above along the distant skyline. We can see the jagged peaks from both the Lewis Range and the Livingston Range all across the horizon.

Napi Point is named in honor of a sacred character in Blackfeet traditions. Stories passed down from generation to generation tell of Napi, from the serious side of his creation to the foolish and spiteful deeds he performs. At one time it is said that Napi could talk with all things… animals, plants, rocks, and even clouds, and water. He teased, and pulled pranks, many times on himself. His actions were a valued part of the cycle of existence.

About This Photograph

This special vision of this sacred point was created while flying and exploring the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in Glacier National Park. Tracking numerous sunbeams as they crossed the prairie to the west, this image is part of a series of dramatic visions of places that are sacred to the First Nations Blackfeet people.

Image Rarity

The image was taken from a moving aircraft, as Zedekiah piloted the aircraft while simultaneously operating the camera. It was taken during atmospheric conditions that provided a combination of low-hanging cumulus clouds and a wonderful dimensional attribute to the visual composition.

Zedekiah used the manner in which these clouds covered the horizon as a backdrop, a scene that is utterly impossible to predict, timing and being in the place-in-space for this scene to reveal itself was crucial to this image composition.

Lastly, it is impossible to simply walk up a trail and take the same photograph again. This image was very difficult to create, and is truly one-of-a-kind, therefore making it extremely rare.

Limited Edition

This image is offered as a numbered and signed, limited edition of one thousand (1,000) prints.

Artist Proofs

There are one hundred (100) artist proofs available.

Suggested Media Substrate

This image is best suited for Satin Metal with a lustrous flat, non-reflective finish and is available for additional custom texturization to produce enhanced micro shadowing across the surface of the print.

Collection Pricing

  • Limited Edition Prints – Two Dollars & Fifty Cents ($2.50) per square inch
    18” x 28” = $1,260
    24” x 36” = $2,160
    32” x 48” = $3,840
    36” x 54” = $4,860
    48” x 72” = $8,640
  • Limited Edition Volumetric Prints – Three Dollars ($3) per square inch
    18” x 28” = $1,512
    24” x 36” = $2,592
    32” x 48” = $4,608
    36” x 54” = $5,832
    48” x 72” = $10,368
  • Limited Edition Artist Proofs – Five Dollars ($5) per square inch
    18” x 28” = $2,520
    24” x 36” = $4,320
    32” x 48” = $7,680
    36” x 54” = $9,720
    48” x 72” = $17,280

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